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Let's stay connected

Imma keep some healthy space from social for a bit and am bringing it on email. Feels right, and actually a little more personal, tbh. We’re basically one-way pen pals when you drop your email here.

Every Thursday, a new episode comes out where I’m unpacking thoughts from a run or interviewing a guest. If you ever wonder what’s been up in my life, a recent show usually doubles as catch up.

This is my safe space online and the only place I plan interact in social media for a bit because of how it pours positively into me and every other person, every single time. I would love to see you and give you a virtual hug there.

A Message from Dave Hollis

Hi friends. It’s been a minute. A messy, wonderful, hard, human minute. I love me some learning and growth, but dang it if I’m not a glutton for learning things the hardest way, usually by tripping over my own stinking feet. Still, I’m here, grateful for it all happening just as it did… not on the other side, but out of the darkest parts of a journey, the beginning of all that’s next. For now, I remain student more than teacher. Back at the base of the mountain, better prepared to climb, and certainly aware of the importance of moving at a wildly slower pace. To be clear: I’m also still a mess, just less of one than I was, and a mess that knows the only way I’ll truly find peace and self-love is by embracing my humbling humanness, because being human is messy.

Thank you for the extraordinary and consistent support that’s been a copilot with me all along the way. Your notes and prayers were a constant reminder of how much I’ve alway valued this extraordinary community, and in a world where the continued pursuit of putting my mental health first will keep space from social media for some time to come, I miss this community and hope we can stay connected in one of the ways above. Sending you my very best.

xo Dave