All Growns Up…

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Here’s to the Dads

Happy Father’s Day. Sending love to you and yours as I’m surrounded by an abundance of it in real time. For the first ever, I

The Lost Speech

Inside our Get Fit community, Heidi and I are surrounded by this amazing crew of experts. There are certified trainers, a registered dietitian, an executive

New blog: Week 1

  Hi friends. Thanks for being here and for the interest in staying connected while I spend a bit of time away from social media.

The Perks of Not Knowing

If you could know the way you were going to die, would you want to know? It was a question that has been asked through

What is actually happening here? This year has seen these kids become full grown adults. Except for Noah Jr. Happy summer!


Imma keep some healthy space from social for a bit and am bringing it on email. Feels right, and actually a little more personal, tbh. We’re basically one-way pen pals when you drop your email here.