The Lost Speech

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Inside our Get Fit community, Heidi and I are surrounded by this amazing crew of experts. There are certified trainers, a registered dietitian, an executive chef, yoga instructors and dance professionals that sees each of them doing Facebook lives each week throughout our 60-day challenges for our amazing community. Each of them leads out on their specialty, trying to serve the community well by sharing the depths of what they know best. It’s extraordinary.

Since I’m still so early on in my fitness journey, I’m far more like the rest of the community than the experts assembled, more a student than any kind of teacher. So when the time comes for my lives in our private FB group, I play to my strengths. I try to make ’em laugh on a Friday by being my normal, ridiculous, human self. Feels right.

A month ago, when the team asked me what my topic for my next live was going to be, I was standing in my garage, trying to get a can of spray paint down for Ford who insisted that it was necessary for finishing an art project he’d been working on. So, without giving it much thought, I shot a text that was part joke, part serious… I’d do a live called “What’s in the box?!” (read through the voice of Brad Pitt from the movie Seven. IFKYK.)

That next day, I dragged that box that sat next to the spray paint into the bedroom and turned on the camera. Without looking at the contents ahead of time, one of my “memories” boxes that hadn’t been opened since the move from California turned into an hour of ridiculousness and joy, pulling one silly thing after another from my past, and telling a story about it’s meaning. A walk down memory lane for sure.

At the end of our hour, I stumbled across this… my commencement speech that was never given. The actual piece of paper I’d printed out the rehearsal morning that was meant to be a highlight of my young life, would land on the ground just before I was suspended for being a jackass. Losing my cool and paying the price.

My best day ever quickly turned into my worst. All my work to show off how smart I’d been with the most decorated gown, all the time spent practicing, all the family who’d gathered… it was all for nothing. Well, at the time it felt that way… but now I can see so many things I learned from the speech that was never given.

I pulled a screen record from the FB live… it’s the story behind the story if you’re up for a good laugh:


And so on this graduation weekend for so many, here it is, in all its glory, some 29 years later… by popular… err.. nobody’s demand. The 1993 San Clemente High School valedictorian commencement speech that never was. Bless.

“There is a time for every pursuit and a season for every endeavor. A time to be born and a time to die. A time to tear down and a time to build. A time to weep and a time to laugh. A time to mourn and a time to dance. 

This is our time to dance, our time to laugh, our time to build. This is one of our greatest moments in life. For four years, our minds have been put to the test… and we have passed. Through all our achievements in academics, sports, clubs and organizations, we have made our community proud. Our future is wide open. 

This is our opportunity to do all we can to be all we might. Through hard work and perseverance, our goals can be realized, our dreams can come true. But, we must remember that there are no shortcuts to any place worth going. The gem cannot be polished without friction nor the person perfected without trials. 

Now it is our turn to make a difference for the generations of tomorrow. We are the future of this country. Our new freedom gives us the opportunity to not only do as we please, but the liberty to do as we ought. We can all do our part to make this world a better place, a society in which we can raise our children with pride. 

If we pursue excellence together, we can overcome any obstacle that might stand in our way. Few burdens are too heavy to carry when everyone lifts. A poor man is not a man without a cent, but a man without a dream. And a rich man is not a man who possesses much, but is the man who gives much. 

I know we can all make a difference in the years to come. Sure, we cannot change the past but we must be careful to not ruin the present by worrying too much about the future. We all have our callings and we will all make our marks, but the surest way to live with honor and happiness in the world is to be in reality what we appear to be… to be true to ourselves 

So class of 1993, now let us be strong and courageous Be not afraid. Be bold in rising to every challenge and strive to be the best in all that we do.”


I mean, when I read it out loud I was actually surprised by how well it holds up. The mentions of gems not being polished without friction hits home. The idea that the only way to live with honor and happiness is to be true to ourselves feels like the most resonate thing in my life in 2022. Some three decades later, some things never change. 

Not sure who needed to hear this today, but I’m here for it. So, let’s go ahead and take those tassels, move them to the other side of your hats, class. It’s time for the next great chapter in your life. Let’s go.


Until next time… xo, Dave


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